Thursday, February 18, 2016


A Statement From Management

This January, the world of satirical journalism was rocked when industry leader The Onion was purchased by Univision Communications.  Now, because Univision is co-owned by Clinton's top donor, Haim Saban, critics are accusing The Onion of running pro-Hillary Clinton propaganda.  

For ten, non-consecutive years, Or Give Me Death has sought to intermittently bring you top quality, competitive satire, but The Onion has always remained the gold standard.  I am not here to disparage them in any way.  Far from it.  In fact, I once again want to emulate their winning formula.  I'm putting us up for sale.

For the right price, you too can have thinly veiled, mildly humorous propaganda custom made to fit your campaign needs.  Hell, I'm even flexible on the name. (Or Give Me Trump?).  So if reaching out to the cynical voter is in your national media strategy, contact me and we can make a deal.  It's going to be a great deal, you're going to love it.

UPDATE:  This is satire.