Friday, July 29, 2022

OGMD Ind. Q2 Update

A Message from Management

It's an exciting time here at OGMD Ind. The website received a minor refresh and the team continues to make improvements to the online experience. The mobile functionality is greatly improved (only a decade late) and the blog is better integrated to the site. Look for more utilization of this platform in the future.

On the content front, OGMD Ind. broke new ground in Q2, running a long(ish) read, non-fiction story for the first time, read it here. We hope to bring you more original articles in the future.

Also out now is Chapter 4 of the groundbreaking graphic novel, Freddy Reno Went Missing. Buzz is growing around the "yacht noir." The comedy-thriller was recently featured on our hosting site, The Duck Webcomics, where it was hailed as a "compelling and addictive piece of work." Improvements to the first three chapters are underway, touching up the art and enhancing the yacht noir experience. An an all new print edition, collecting the first four chapters of the comic epic, is coming soon. Look for it online and in stores this fall.

Check back here for more updates and quality content.