Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricanes an Al Qaida Plot?

As America braces for yet another massive hurricane assault it is hard to not wonder, "Why would the greatest nation on Earth be punished by the God that loves this country so well?" I pondered this question for some time until I came to the only logical conclusion: God's not sending these hurricanes, our enemies are.
But how is this possible you might ask? To answer this let's first look at how hurricanes form. Wikipedia describes the conditions neccessary for a hurricane to form and says that one such condition are "tropical waves," or easterly waves, which are westward moving areas of convergent winds. This convergence frequently assists in the development of thunderstorms, which can develop into tropical cyclones. The majority of tropical cyclones form from these. A similar phenomenon to tropical waves are West African disturbance lines, which are squally lines of convection that form over Africa and move into the Atlantic. Hmmm, West Africa? These storms are coming from abroad and suspiciously close to Al Qaeda hot spots.
"But Hiro," you ask, "does this mean that Al Qaeda is behind these deadly storms?" Indeed it might. Weather control devices may not be a flight of fancy at all. On Oct. 2, 1992, The Wall Street Journal reported that a Russian company, Elate Intelligent Technologies, Inc., has weather control equipment for sale and uses the advertising slogan of “weather made to order.” In fact, author Sydney Sheldon believes that "two superpowers have the ability to control weather around the world: the United States and Russia. Other countries, probably China and North Korea, are working feverishly to catch up." Next we must ask, "but how do Islamic terrorists come into the picture?"
The answer to this question invloves a stunning connection that many have snoozed on. Islamic fundamentalist movements are working in conjunction with International Communism! The links are all there. As far back as 1978 the connections were being seen. [International Terrorism: The Communist Connection Revisited ] Evidence points to Soviet links to the PLO, Red China links to fundamentalists in Iran, and most recently Communist North Korea has been distributing arms to Yemen and other rogue states. [How Al Qaeda seeks to buy Chinese arms, U.S. lets Scud ship sail to Yemen]
Could international terrorism be a communist plot to overthrow the United States? Most likely. Could the communist governments of Red China and North Korea be using Russian technology to build hurricanes for Al Qaeda? Obviously.

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