Thursday, February 14, 2008

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From the National Affairs Desk
odds update

It seems the bookies have finally come along to my side and dropped Gore and Bloomberg from their presidential betting line. The two unannounced candidates never stood a chance by my estimation and I was shocked that their odds remained so good so deep into primary season. In any case, they're gone now and I have been vindicated. They've also seen the light about ranking McCain second - it makes no sense for a candidate who may not win their primary to be ranked higher than a candidate who has theirs all but locked up.
But I can admit when I'm wrong. It no longer seems like Clinton is the sure thing I pegged her to be. I always assumed the establishment candidate got their way, but the delegates, voters and bookies may no longer think so. She's far from out of it though, if she wins Texas and Ohio she could pull ahead. And there's always the chance of a brokered convention.
Don't count out the long shots either. Ron Paul may seem dead in the water, but I happen to know of a certain beagle that had worse odds (325-1) than him that managed to overcome adversity and win. Gravel, however, is dead in the water. Dead and sinking just like the rock in his freaky YouTube ad.

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