Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Go Green, Eat a Whale

From the Global Affairs Desk
an editorial

A new study has found that whaling is an eco-friendly alternative to raising livestock for meat, according to a Norwegian based lobby group that represents the interests of coastal communities in the Arctic. The High North Alliance study claims that the whaling industry produces a smaller carbon footprint than the traditional meat industry and that "greenhouse gas emissions caused by one meal of beef are the equivalent of eight meals of whale meat."
I applaud the High North Alliance for their bold stance and controversial study. Upon hearing about these findings, I decided to do my part to save the world by adopting a whale-heavy diet. Much to my dismay, when I asked the grocer at the Whole Foods when I could expect to see the next shipment of whale meat I was told that I was "disgusting" and "should be ashamed." Ashamed madame? The only thing shameful about this situation is that a so-called socially responsible business that prides itself on quality foods does not carry the most eco-friendly meat.
But Whole Foods is not alone in their admonishment of the whaling community. Eco-terrorist front-group Greenpeace has publicly dismissed the findings. They believe that extinction concerns are more important than greenhouse gases. Evidently, Greenpeace has no understanding of how the market works. If we eat more whales, there will be more whales - simple supply and demand. Look at cows; we eat millions each year, but are they even close to extinction? No, in fact there are so many of them that their methane emissions threaten to kill us all.
Unfortunately, reason means very little to the whale hugging terrorists. Japan knows this best; a Japanese whaling fleet was recently attacked with acid by the Sea Shepherds, a radical environmentalist group. The attack injured four and has left Japanese whalers in constant fear of mild eye irritation.
It's time that whales stop getting a free ride. Don't let Free Willy and other propaganda from the marine mammal agenda trick you into thinking that whales are any different from the other animals we butcher and eat on a daily basis. They're not, they're just a whole lot bigger. Plus, there's a lot of potential in whaling. Just think, whale oil could be the miracle additive that improves our fuel efficiency and eliminates our dependency on foreign oil - and no drilling needed. Ultimately, the argument comes down to this: if you support whaling, you support the environment; if you're against whaling, the terrorists win.

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